Arrest Page

Don L. Davis, Jr fail to appear 02/14/17 $500 (FCSO)
Rufus Townsend non-support of dependents 02/13/17 $1,000 (FCSO)
Jessica N. Burch theft 02/13/17 $1,000 (FCSO)
George F. Cargill dwlsr, possession of cannabis, resisting officer without violence, revoked pre-trial release 02/13/17 No Bond (FCSO)
Thornton L. Moses resisting officer without violence, possession of controlled substance, possession of paraphernalia 02/13/17 $11,000 (FCSO)
Ethan R. Whittington retail theft, revoked pre-trial release 02/12/17 $500 (FCSO)
Amy E. Anderson cruelty to animal 02/12/17 No Bond (FCSO)
Gerald G. Kent felony violation of probation 02/11/17 No Bond (FCSO)
Phillip S. Creamer possession of controlled substance, possession of paraphernalia, battery on law enforcement officer 02/10/17 $16,000 (FCSO)
Jon D. Borel domestic battery 02/10/17 $5,000 (CPD)
Joshua D. Bailey possession of paraphernalia, dui, possession of controlled substance 02/10/17 $11,000 (FCSO)
Mark A. Smith sale or delivery of controlled substance, possession of paraphernalia 02/10/17 $8,500 (FCSO)
Tiul Rolando no drivers license/never one issued 02/10/17 $500 (FCSO)
Larry D. Joseph violation of domestic violence injunction 02/10/17 $1,000 (APD)
Charonda Lee misdemeanor violation of probation 02/09/17 No Bond (FCSO)
Howard L. Enfinger domestic battery, resisting officer without violence, child abuse, misdemeanor violation of probation 02/09/17 No Bond (FCSO)
Randi M. Millender possession of controlled substance 02/09/17 $10,000 (FCSO)
Jeff A. Savage drivers license violation: expired (more than 4 months) 02/08/17 $250 (FCSO)
Ronald D. Copeland misdemeanor violation of probation 02/08/17 ROR (FCSO)
Tracy Jo Nowling domestic battery, revoked pre-trial release 02/08/17 No Bond (FCSO)
Frances E. Pouncey Burglary (or attempted) of a structure, Fraudulent use of credit card; 02/07/17 $4,500 (FCSO)
Jonathan C. Brannen Criminal Mischief under $200 in Damage x2, Arson of  Dwelling, Felony VOP 02/07/17 No Bond (FCSO)
Dana D. Harrington DWLSR 02/06/17 $500 (FCSO)
Mary R. Nowling Failure to Appear, Felony VOP, Possession of Paraphernalia 02/06/17 No Bond (FCSO)
Felipe Ortiz  Possession of Cannabis 02/04/17 ROR (FCSO)
Alex L. Martinez DWLSR, Possession of Cannabis 02/04/17 ROR (FCSO)
Megan R. McClain Possession of Controlled Substance 02/04/17 $2,500 (FCSO)
Mary A. Johnson Felony VOP 02/03/17 No Bond (FCSO)
Bobbie S. Brown Child Abuse, Possession of 20 Grams of Cannabis, Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of Paraphernalia 02/02/17 $18,000 (CPD)
AshelyWilliams DUI 02/02/17 ROR (APD)
Harry E. Emswiler Child Abuse, Possession of 20 Grams, of Cannabis, Possession  of Controlled Substance, Possession of  Paraphernalia
02/02/17 $18,000 (CPD)
Jimmy L. Lolley Failure to Appear 02/01/17 $500 (FCSO)
Horace A. Harris Possession  of Cannabis 02/01/17 $500 (FHP)
Mary K. Lee DUI 02/01/17 $500 (FCSO)
Jason James Possession of Controlled Substance, Violation of Pre-Trail Release 02/01/17 No Bond (FCSO)
William  M. Martina Possession of Contrlled Substance, Possession  of Paraphernalia, DWLSR 02/01/17 $57,500 (FCSO)
Eric Hathaway Misdemeanor VOP,
Possession of Controlled Substance with Intent to Sale or Deliver
01/31/17 No Bond (FCSO)
Amy L. Putnal Retail Theft 01/31/17 $1,500 (FCSO)
Travis D. Millender Domestic Battery,
Possession of  Legend Drug,
Possession of Cannabis,
Possession of Controlled Substance,
Possession of Listed  Chemicals,
Possesion of Paraphernalia,
Grand Theft 3rd Degree
01/30/17 No Bond (CPD)
Glenda J. Martina Resisting without Violence,
Trespass on Property
01/29/17 ROR (FCSO)
Yolanda A. Robinson Disorderly Intoxication 01/29/17 $500 (APD)
Brandy M. Davis Violation of Probation 01/28/17 No Bond (FCSO)
Christopher G.
Possession of Controlled Substance 01/28/17 $5,000 (CPD)
Bobby J. Curry Domestic Battery 01/26/17 1,000 (FCSO)
Andrea Leah Hathcox Possesion of Paraphernalia x2,
Sale or Possession of Controlled Substance  with Intent to Sale,
Tranfficking over 28 Grams Methampetamine
01/26/17 $18,500 (CPD)
Charles C. Golden Domestic Battery 01/26/17 $1,000 (FCSO)
Andrew J. Amerson Violation of Probation 01/25/17 No Bond (FCSO)
Daniela Roush Violation of Probation 01/24/17 No Bond (FCSO)
Charlie L. Drew Battery 01/16/17 No Bond (FCSO)
Angela L. Sheridan Violation of Probation 01/16/17 No Bond (CPD)
Steve A. Johns Failure to Appear, Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of Paraphernalia 01/15/17 $6,500 (FCSO)
Jerrad J. Hunnings Possesion of Paraphernalia, Possession of Cannabis, Possession of Controlled Substance, Violation of Pre-Trial Release 01/14/17 No Bond (FCSO)
Jay Mullins Diorderly Inxication,
Resisting Office without Violend
01/14/17 $3,000 (APD)
Smokie E. Pedrick Possession of Paraphernalia, Possession of Conrolled Substance, Drivers License Validation Expired, Possession of Controlled Substance, Violoation of Pre-Trail Release 01/14/17 $25,750 (CPD)
Jonathan S. Evans Battery on LEO, Resisting Officer with Violence, Possession of Controlled Substance, Battery; Corruption by Treast against Public Servant 01/14/17 No Bond (CPD)
Johnny R. Davis Trespass of Structure after Warning, 01/13/17 $1,000 (FCSO)
Selina K. Booth Criminal Mischief 01/13/17 ROR (CPD)
Kyle Seymour Possession of Cannabis, Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of Paraphernaila,
DUI, Introduction of Contraband into Correctional Facility
01/13/17 $9,500 (FCSO)
April L. Turney VOP 01/12/17 No Bond (FCSO)
Ashley C. Thompson VOP 01/12/17 ROR (FCSO)
Robert K. Lee Trespass on Property after Warning 01/12/17 $1,000 (FCSO)
Douglas W. Price DUI 01/11/17 ROR (FCSO)
Timothy H. Lett Burglary of Dwelling, Grand Retail Theft 01/11/17 $7,500 (FCSO)
Furman L. Glass Domestic Battery 01/10/17 $500 (FCSO)
Willie E. Pelt VOP 01/10/17 No Bond (FCSO)
Roni L. Sharp Grand Theft of 3rd Degree 01/10/17 $1,000 (FCSO)
Larry D. Joseph, JR Domestic Battery 01/09/17 $1,000 (FCSO)
Brandy J. Fedd Possession of a Controlled Substance, Introduction of Contraband into a Correctional Facility, Possession of Paraphernalia 01/09/17 $8,000 (APD)
Kelly S. Creamer Domestic Battery 01/08/17 $1,000 (FCSO)
Adam J. Seymour VOP 01/05/17 No Bond (FCSO)

This page is updated on a weekly basis. Charges and Bond amounts are not updated after the first appearance. Other charges could be pending. For Accurate legal information, please check with the Clerk of Court in Apalachicola, FL.
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