Arrest Page

Audra Murray VOP x 2 6/29/15 No Bond (FCSO)
Daniel Evans Felony Battery 6/30/15 $5,000 (FCSO)
Larry Warren Domestic Battery 6/30/15 $1,000 (FCSO)
Lucas Underwood Disorderly Intoxication 6/30/15 $1,000 (FCSO)
Jasmen Yon DWLSR, Giving False Name or Identification 6/30/15 $1,500 (FCSO)
Byllie Murray VOP X 3 7/1/15 No Bond (FCSO)
Zella Smith VOP 7/2/15 No Bond (FCSO)
Jennifer Golden VOP 7/2/15 No Bond (FCSO)
Linda Tucker VOP 7/5/15 No Bond (FCSO)
Luis Hernandez No Valid Drivers License, Reckless Driving 7/5/15 $750 (FCSO)
Curtis Nowling Domestic Battery 7/6/15 $500 (FCSO)
Spencer Zingarelli Criminal Mischief Over $200 but less than $1000 7/6/15 $500 (FCSO)
Timothy Finley VOP 7/7/15 No Bond (FCSO)
Alford Allen Failure to Appear 7/8/15 No Bond (FCSO)
David Hartman Resisting Officer Without Violence 7/10/15 $2,500 (FCSO)
Mary King Retail Theft 7/10/15 $500 (FCSO)
Mary Nowling VOP, Retail Theft 7/11/15 No Bond (FCSO)
James Yon Trespass on Property After Warning 7/11/15 $2,500 (FCSO)
Donta Eggleston Non-Support of Dependents 7/12/15 $1,000 (FCSO)
Daniel Hicks VOP 7/14/15 $500 (FCSO)
Craig Nutting Fail to Appear 7/15/15 $2,500 (FCSO)
Ronnie Dean Violation of Domestic Violence Injunction 7/16/15 $500 (FCSO)
Courtney Bell Possession of COntrolled Substance with Intent to Sell 7/16/15 $5,000 (FCSO)
Michelle Massey Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of Paraphernalia, DUI, Refusal to Submit to DUI Testing 7/17/15 No Bond (FCSO)
Lonzell Flemming VOP 7/19/15 $1,000 (FCSO)
Faith Grant Flee or Elude Law Enforcement Officer, Reckless Driving 7/20/15 $1,000 (FCSO)
Robert Ratledge Domestic Battery, Criminal Mischief over $200 but less than $1,000, Possession of a Firearm by Convicted Felon, Discharging Firearm in Public or Residential Neighborhood, Aggravated Assault With a Deadly Weapon, Resisting Officer without Violence, Grand Theft of Firearm, Burglary of a Conveyance, Dwelling, or Structure, Possession of Burglary Tools with Intent 7/24/15 $142,000 (FCSO)
Darren Lemieux Battery on Law Enforcement Officer, Resisting Officer without Violence, Disorderly intoxication 7/25/15 $3,250 (FCSO)
Jennifer Smith Possession of Cannabis 7/27/15 $500 (FCSO)
Jimmy Sadler VOP 7/27/15 No Bond (FCSO)
Franklin County Sheriff's Office