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Christopher S Bass Retail Theft, VOP 6/17/16 No Bond (FCSO)
Erie L Campbell Violation of Domestic Violence Injunction 6/17/16 $1,000 (FCSO)
Ellis W Wilson Resisting Officer without Violence, VOP 6/17/16 No Bond (FCSO)
De'Anna N Williams Public Affray 6/18/16 $500 (APD)
Tiffany A Key Public Affray, Violation of Pre-trial Release 6/18/16 No Bond (APD)
Ronald K Sanders VOP 6/19/16 No Bond (FCSO)
Steven W Beebe Domestic Battery 6/19/16 $1,000 (FCSO)
Alicia D Beebe Domestic Battery 6/19/16 $1,000 (FCSO)
Terry A Bolton VOP 6/20/16 No Bond (FCSO)
Dallas T Gilbert Possession of Legend Drug without a Prescription 6/21/16 $500 (FCSO)
Amber N Vinson VOP 6/22/16  No Bond (FCSO)
Daniel W Evans Failed to Appear, Battery 6/22/16 No Bond (FCSO)
William J Luberto Jr. Violation of Domestic Violence Injunction 6/22/16 $1,000 (FCSO)
Jonathan E Cooper VOP 6/23/16 No Bond (FCSO)
Clifford D Carpenter II DWLSR 6/23/16 $1,000 (CPD)
Brenton D Wilson Resisting Officer Without Violence, Domestic Battery 6/23/16 ROR (FCSO)
David A Gloner Indecent Exposure, Battery 6/23/16 $15,000 (APD)
Joshua L Pilotti VOP 6/24/16 No Bond (FCSO)
Rodney L Cox Disorderly Intoxication, Petit Theft 6/25/16 $1,000 (APD)
Joshua J Schoelles DWLSR, Failed to Appear 6/25/16 $1,500 (FCSO)
Joseph C Zingarelli Trespass in Occupied Structure, Revoked Pre-Trial Release 6/26/16 To be determined (FCSO)
Kevin A Thomas Disorderly Intoxication 6/26/16 $250 (APD)
Robin L Walker DWLSR 6/26/16 $500 (FWC)
Erie L Campbell Violation of Domestic Violence Injunction 6/28/16 To be determined (APD)
Samantha J Whittington Possession of Paraphernalia, Introduction of Contraband Into a Correctional Facility, Possession of Controlled Substance 6/28/16 $5,500 (FCSO)
Heather Mock Battery, Domestic Battery 6/29/16 ROR (CPD)
Joshua W Coxwell Failure to Appear 6/29/16 $5,000 (FCSO)
Audra Murray Possession Paraphernalia, DWLSR, Possession of Controlled Substance, VOP 6/30/16 No Bond (FCSO)
Brandi Stulsky Possession of Legend Drug without a Prescription 7/1/16 $1,000 (FCSO)
Henry Allen Shiver Fail to Appear, VOP 7/1/16 $1,000 (FCSO)
Kayla L Rickards Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of Paraphernalia 7/2/16 $3,000 (FHP)
Byllie Lacy Murray Fail to Appear, VOP x 3 7/3/16 $2,000 (FCSO)
Jordan D Poppell Grand Retail Theft 7/4/16 $5,000 (FCSO)
Kaitlyn M Cross Grand Theft 3rd Degree 7/4/16 $5,000 (FCSO)
Derrick Gamble VOP 7/6/16 No Bond (FCSO)
Jupiter C Drew Fail to Appear 7/8/16 No Bond (FCSO)
Tameka Y Smith DWLSR 7/9/16 $1,000 (FHP)
William S Lomon Delivery of Controlled Substance, Trespass in Structure Or Conveyance, Resisting Officer Without Violence, Loitering or Prowling 7/9/16 $10,750 (FCSO)
Gary D Nichols Jr. VOP 7/10/16 No Bond (FCSO)
Zackery D Waldrop Domestic Battery 7/10/16 $500 (FCSO)
Amanda C Topham VOP 7/10/16 No Bond (FCSO)
Tyler Gilbert Fail to Appear, Resisting Officer With Violence 7/11/16 No Bond (FCSO)
William R Johnson DWLSR 7/11/16 $1,000 (FCSO)
Casey L Hodges Domestic Battery 7/11/16 ROR (FCSO)
William R Johnson DWLSR 7/11/16 $1,000 (FCSO)
Daniel T Nelson Domestic Battery 7/12/16 $500 (FCSO)
Mileo S Messer VOP 7/13/16 No Bond (FCSO)
Michael L Downing Aggravated Battery W/ Great Bodily Harm 7/13/16 $1,000 (FCSO)
Frank G Kraus VOP 7/13/16 No Bond (FCSO)
James J Murray Aggravated Assault With a Deadly Weapon 7/15/16 ROR (FCSO)
Charles D Gray Petit Theft 7/16/16 $250 (FCSO)
Robert T Hodge Domestic Battery 7/17/16 $1,000 (CPD)
Daniela Roush Aggravated Assault With Intent to Commit Felony 7/18/16   (CPD)
Jason P James Fail to Appear 7/18/16 $10,000 (FCSO)
Mercury J Wynn Child Abuse, Domestic Battery 7/19/16   (CPD)

This page is updated on a weekly basis. Charges and Bond amounts are not updated after the first appearance. Other charges could be pending. For Accurate legal information, please check with the Clerk of Court in Apalachicola, FL.
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