Arrest Page

Micheal L Voyles Disorderly Intoxication 9/20/16 $1,000 (APD)
Morgan A Kelley Introduction of Contraband into a state prison, Possession of Cannabis 9/20/16 $5,500 (CPD)
Derek Stulsky VOP 9/22/16 No Bond (FCSO)
Arlene D Shiver Battery 9/22/16 $500 (FCSO)
Andrew J Waller Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon x 2, Reckless Driving, Domestic Battery, Threats with Death or Serious Bodily Harm 9/22/16 $3,000 (FCSO)
Johnathan C. Brannen VOP 9/22/16 No Bond (FCSO)
Andrew J Waller Violation of Domestic Violence Injunction 9/23/16 No Bond (CPD)
Karen J Lockwood DUI 9/26/16 $1,000 (FCSO)
Vedell M Bunyon VOP 9/27/16 No Bond (FCSO)
Emily L Seger VOP 9/29/16 No Bond (FCSO)
Ethan R Whittington Possession of Cannabis, Revoked Pre-Trial Release 9/30/16 No Bond (FCSO)
David B Estes Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of Paraphernalia 9/30/16 $5,500 (FCSO)
George W Ward Sr. Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of Paraphernalia, 2 x Sale of Controlled Substance 9/30/16 $5,000 (FCSO)
Dillon M Stone Possession of Cannabis, Possession of Paraphernalia 9/30/16 $1,000 (FCSO)
Abrianna W. Southerland Possession of Cannabis, Possession of Paraphernalia 9/30/16 $1,000 (FCSO)
Michael J Sexton Aggravated Battery W/ Great Bodily Harm 10/1/16 $1,500 (APD)
William R Johnson Trespass After Warning, Violation of Domestic Violence Injunction, Revoked Pre-Trial 10/2/16 No Bond (FCSO)
Howard L Enfinger Domestic Battery 10/2/16 $500 (FCSO)
Daniel T Nelson Possession of Paraphernalia, Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of Cannabis 10/3/16 $3,500 (FCSO)
Kaden C Crum Petit Theft 10/3/16 No Bond (FCSO)
Donnie L Newburn Fail to Appear 10/4/16 No Bond (FCSO)
Audrey V Hicks Domestic Battery, Resisting Officer With Violence 10/6/16 $1,000 (FCSO)
Rodney D Helms Possession of Child Pornography 10/6/16 $37,500 (FCSO)
Robert J Williams Jr. Domestic Battery 10/6/16 $500 (FCSO)
Marvin B Campbell VOP x 2 10/7/16 No Bond (FCSO)
Ronald D Gray Domestic Battery, Violation of Pre-Trial Release 10/8/16 No Bond (FCSO)
Camri H Primus Introduction of Contraband Into A State Prison, Possession of Cannabis 10/9/16 $2,500 (FCSO)
Ryan Neddo Disorderly Intoxication, Failing to Obey Lawful Command 10/9/16 $500 (APD)
Casey W Kelley VOP 10/9/16 No Bond (FCSO)
Frank C Oneal Jr. Criminal Mischief Over $1,000 10/9/16 $2,500 (FCSO)
Cody W Lyston DUI 10/10/16 ROR (FHP)
Troy B Williams VOP 10/10/16 No Bond (FCSO)
Charles C Golden Fail to Appear 10/11/2016 $1,000 (FCSO)
James E Cooper Attempted First Degree Murder, Aggravated Assault On Law Enforcement, Possession of a Firearm By Convicted Felon, Criminal Mischief over $1,000, Discharging Firearm in Public or Residential Area 10/11/2016 No Bond (APD)
Jeremy J Turrell Sale or Delivery of Controlled Substance, Possession of Controlled Substance with intent to Sell or Deliver, Violation of Pre-Trial Release 10/11/2016 No Bond (FCSO)
Tiffany M Davis Violation Of Probation x 4, Fail to Appear 10/12/2016 No Bond (FCSO)
Kristopher G Kelley Sale or Delivery of Controlled Substance, Violation of Probation 10/12/2016 No Bond (FCSO)
Aaron S Massey Domestic Battery, Resisting Officer without Violence, Revoked Pre-Trial Release 10/13/2016 No Bond (FCSO)
Chelsea D Estes Trafficking In a Controlled Substance - Methamphetamine, Possession of Paraphernalia 10/13/2016 $25,000 (FCSO)
Robert R Osburn Jr. Burglary of Dwelling 10/17/2016 $10,000 (APD)
Ruby A Murray Fail to Appear, Trespass on Property After Warning 10/18/2016 $1,000 (FCSO)

This page is updated on a weekly basis. Charges and Bond amounts are not updated after the first appearance. Other charges could be pending. For Accurate legal information, please check with the Clerk of Court in Apalachicola, FL.
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