Arrest Page

Nicolas Esteban No Valid Driver License 3/28/15 $500 (APD)
Emily Hatfield Possession of Cannabis, Possession of Paraphernalia 3/30/15 $1,000 (FCSO)
Kaila Odom VOP 3/31/15 No Bond (FCSO)
Bobby Creamer VOP 3/31/15 ROR (FCSO)
Vickie Maples Possession of Cannabis, Possession of Paraphernalia 3/31/15 $1,000 (FCSO)
Emzy Nauret DWLSR 3//31/15 $250 (FCSO)
Adrienne Joyner Sale of Controlled Substance 4/1/15 $25,000 (FCSO)
Zachary Wells Possession of less than 20 grams, Possession of Paraphernalia 4/1/15 $2,000 (FHP)
Robbie Butler FTA 4/1/15 No Bond (FCSO)
Fred Sawyer No Motorcycle Endorsement, Reckless Driving 4/3/15 $500 (FCSO)
Micheal Downing DWLSR 4/4/15 $1,500 (FCSO)
Kristopher Suggs Domestic Battery 4/4/15 ROR (FCSO)
Timothy Watford Possession of Cannabis, Possession of Paraphernalia, DUI 4/4/15 ROR (APD)
Candice Cloud Possession of Cannabis, Possession of Paraphernalia, Possession of Controlled Substance, Trespass on Property 4/5/15 ROR (FCSO)
Michael Hunt Trespass, Resisting Officer without Violence 4/5/15 $1,000 (FCSO)
Yolanda Robinson DUI 4/5/15 $500 (FCSO)
Felisha Alvarez Possession of Cannabis, Possession of Paraphernalia 4/6/15 $1,000 (FCSO)
Douglas Matthews Failed to Appear, VOP, Criminal Mischief over $200 but under $1,000, Burglary of Dwelling, Grand Theft over $300 4/7/15 No Bond (FCSO)
Stephanie Ross VOP 4/8/15 No Bond (FCSO)
Austin Smith Grand Theft over $300 4/9/15 $5,000 (FCSO)
Colin Baker DUI, Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon 4/9/15 $21,500 (FCSO)
Javieon Winfield Child Neglect, Possession of Cannabis 4/9/15 $1,500 (FCSO)
Cynthia Gilbert DWLSR, Expired Tag 4/9/15 $500 (FCSO)
Justin Gower Grand Retail Theft, Criminal Mischief over $1,000, 3 Counts - Molesting a vending machine 4/10/15 $6,500 (FCSO)
Dontiay Howard Resisting Officer without Violence, Burglary of Structure, Grand Theft over $300, Criminal Mischief over $200, but under $1,000 4/10/15 $1,000 (APD)
Colby McMillan Possession of Cannabis, Possession of Paraphernalia 4/10/15 $1,000 (FCSO)
Harold Weeks Reckless Driving 4/11/15 $500 (FCSO)
Jessica Chandler DWLSR, Giving False name or identification to officer 4/11/15 $2,000 (CPD)
Robert Millender DUI 4/11/15 $1,000 (CPD)
Lenanya Morris VOP 4/13/15 No Bond (FCSO)
Debra McGarey Violation of Injunction 4/14/15 $500 (FCSO)
Melissa Johnson Possession of Controlled Substance with Intent to Sell or
4/14/15 $25,000 (FCSO)
Bobbie Carrin Trespass on Property After Warning 4/14/15 $1,000 (FCSO)
Heather Maloy Possession of Paraphernalia, DWLSR 4/15/15 $1,000 (FCSO)
Charles Golden Possession of Cannabis, Possession of Paraphernalia 4/17/15 $1,000 (FCSO)
Stephanie Johns Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of Paraphernalia, DWLSR 4/17/15 $3,500 (FCSO)
Kristopher Suggs Flee or Elude Law Enforcement, No Valid Driver License 4/18/15 $2,500 (FCSO)
Michael Hicks DWLSR, DUI 4/18/15 $6,000 (FCSO)
Mark Westmoreland Possession of Controlled Substance, Firearm in Commission of Felony 4/18/15 $5,000 (FCSO)
Ronnie Strops Indecent Exposure, Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Officer without Violence 4/19/15 $1,500 (FCSO)
Lucas Underwood Disorderly Intoxication 4/19/15 $100 (FCSO)
Eric Morris DUI, Reckless Driving 4/20/15 $3,000 (FCSO)
Douglas Sloan Battery, Burglary of Dwelling w/ assault 4/21/15 $51,500 (FCSO)
Tina L Kilgore Felony VOP 4/21/15 No Bond (FCSO)
Howard Enfinger Trespass After Warning 4/22/15 $1,000 (APD)
Jimmy Shiver Attaching improper License Plate, DWLSR 4/22/15 $750 (FCSO)
Kevin Schoelles Sale of Controlled Substance, Burglary of Dwelling, Grand Theft Motor Vehicle x 2, Reckless Driving,  Aggravated Fleeing or eluding, Criminal Mischief over $200 x 2, Resisting Officer without Violence, DWLSR, Aggravated Assault w/ Deadly Weapon, VOP 4/23/15 No Bond (FCSO)
Tamara Griggs Principal In The First Degree, Resisting Officer w/o violence, Pre-Trial Release Revoked 4/24/15 $1,000 (FCSO)
Stephen Branch Disorderly Intoxication, Resisting without violence 4/25/15 $750 (FCSO)
Katie Moore Disorderly Intoxication 4/25/15 $250 (FCSO)
Harry Hall Jr DUI 4/25/15 $2,500 (FCSO)
Shawn Brown Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of Paraphernalia 4/25/15 $5,500 (FCSO)
Carl Sanders Disorderly Intoxication 4/26/15 $1,000 (FCSO)
Spencer Massey Retaliating Against a Witness 4/27/15 No Bond (FCSO)
Quanteka Croom Trespass after warning 4/28/15 $500 (FCSO)
Xaviera Rutherford FTA x 3 4/29/15 No Bond (FCSO)
James Suggs Sale of Controlled Substance 4/29/15 $25,000 (FCSO)
Tony Morris Trespass after warning 4/29/15 $500 (APD)
Aubrey Sasnett Kidnapping to facilitate felony with firearm, Firearm in Commission of Felony, Sexual Battery with Deadly Weapon or Firearm, Aggravated Assault with Intent to commit a felony, VOP 5/1/15 No Bond (FCSO)
Edward Prince DUI 5/1/15 $2,500 (FCSO)
Danny Pinho VOP, Trespass in Occupied Structure, Corruption by threats against public servant 5/1/15 No Bond (FCSO)
Jeremy Sullivan Leaving the scene of an accident, Reckless Driving 5/2/15 $1,500 (APD)
Marc Linton Felony VOP 5/4/15 No Bond (FCSO)
Kasey Adams Felony VOP 5/4/15 ROR (FCSO)
Shirl Whiddon Sale of Controlled Substance 5/4/15 $5,000 (FCSO)
Debra Cruz FTA, DUI 5/4/15 No Bond (FCSO)
Christoper Sanders Possession of Cannabis, Possession of Paraphernalia 5/5/15 $1,000 (FCSO)
Franklin County Sheriff's Office